Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Toast & Roast

去了一次之后 常常和别的朋友来吃
可是这里的叉烧可值得等哦 ~
Introduced by a fren...
after the first visit we had been visiting very often with different group of frens
service maybe a little slow
but the char siew is worth waiting for ~

客家面配叉烧 (RM4.50):
份量有点小 也有大碗的 RM5.50
面条QQ的 味道不错
Hakka Noodle with Char Siew (RM4.50):
portion a little small; a bigger bowl is priced at RM5.50
the noodle is springy and tasty

超好吃 入口即化的叉烧 Photobucket
Super delicious melt in the mouth char-siew:

炸水饺 (RM3/三个):
Deep fried dumplings (RM3/ 3 pieces):
minced pork and shrimp filling... yummy!

名片/Business card:
星期二休业 / closed on Tuesdays


Akira 思胜 said...

The charsiew looks very nice!!! Can hunt for it this Sunday! XD

choi yen said...

I went here last week, love the char siu!