Thursday, June 3, 2010

Uncle 'K' Kopitiam @ Jaya One

到 Uncle 'K' Kopitiam 去吃的午餐
因为开放式的厨房在餐厅的正中间 整间餐厅都比较闷热
虽然招待员已经把风扇吹向我们 可是还是很闷热
Lunch @ Uncle 'K' Kopitiam
if possible try to get a table at the aircon section Photobucket
as this restaurant is pretty stuffy with a open kitchen in the middle
we sweat like crazy even though the fan/cooler is blowing directly at us


柠檬茶/Teh O Limau (RM2.50), 拉茶/Teh Tarik (RM2.50), 姜奶茶/Teh Halia (RM2.70), 薏米/Barley (RM3):

广东炒伊面 (RM7.50):
Cantonese Yee Mee (RM7.50):
the egg sauce may not be authentic Cantonese style
but it looks good and tasted pretty good

广东炒米粉 (RM7.50):
Cantonese Mee Hoon (RM7.50):
similar to above
but the mee hoon version looks not too appetising

炒米粉 (RM7.30):
米粉QQ的 也不油腻
我们都很喜欢这叁巴苏东 好好味! Photobucket
Mee Hoon Goreng (RM7.30):
served with prawns and sambal sotong
the mee hoon is springy and not too oily
we love the sambal sotong too!

咖哩羊肉炒饭 (RM12.80):
饭都松松的 有咖哩的香味 Photobucket
Curry Mutton Fried Rice (RM12.80):
something unique to me
the rice is fluffy and flavoursome
some may find it a little spicy
and there are lots of mutton too

Mee Rebus (RM7.50):
serving is very big
but lack in flavour

Uncle 'K' Kopitiam
Jaya One
D53 & D55 LG2, Jalan Universiti
46200 Petaling Jaya

Tel: 603 7960 1107


Sandy said...

wow. i never think to try though always been there. thanks for sharing.
and by the way, i like Fireflies too. and another song from this album.. Hello Seattle. :) have a nice weekend, ling~ Oh ya.. you should try Meal time in Jaya one. have you? if you not yet, see this..

Akira 思胜 said...


Sandy said...

Hi Ling, i just found out a new and special food at The Garden there. Would like to share with you...
More info available in

The soup with bread is so tasty. I guess you will like it too. Check it out!

CUMI & CIKI said...

i really feel like some sang har mee now!!!

ling239 said...

Sandy :
tks for the recommendation, will visit them soon ~ =)

Akira 思胜 :
i like the fried mee hoon there... ^_^

Sandy :
noted ^o^


Anonymous said...

Great food here. Reasonable and pretty good standard unlike Add me kopitiam who tries to mimick a 'mamak' store with poor quality curries. Only good thing there is that is really cheap so can just eat there to fill up stomach only lah.