Monday, January 5, 2009

新源隆 ~ Sun Yin Loong @ Kota Damansara

位于 老李 ~ Pak Li Kopitiam Pappa Kopitiam 对面 ~
Located near Pak Li Kopitiam and Pappa Kopitiam ~

We find the fried spaghetti is quite interesting at this store... star

烟肉鸡蛋炒意粉 (RM5.50):
Fried Spaghetti with bacon and egg (RM5.50):
portion is quite generous...

意粉只用了少许的油来炒 再淋上蕃茄酱
意粉很Q 味道也不错! Photobucket
the spaghetti is fried with minimal oil and topped with some tomato sauce
there are some chili padi in it too...
the spaghetti is springy and flavoursome!

since i dun like sunny side up i had requested for scrambled egg:

外围稍微焦了 香喷喷的烟肉:
the bacon with slightly burnt edges:

掺 (RM2) & 萝卜汁 (RM2.50):
Cham (RM2) & Carrot Juice (RM2.50):
i find the cham here is pretty good too ~

Sun Yin Loong
2A-1 & 2-1 (GF) Jalan PJU 5/7
PJU 5 Dataran Sunway
Kota Damansara
47810 Petaling Jaya


Akira 思胜 said...

吃起来也觉得值得啦, 嘻嘻...

Sam's mistress said...

I expected fried spaghetti to be almost crispy, but it looks really yummy! And its sause looks great, too! With bacon and eggs???? For us, that's very unique!

ekeng said...

Wah..5 star standard and 1 star price. Hehe. Kidding only ^_^

Jason Wong said...

It looks nice! Which part of Kota Damansara is it at? Our specialty is stir fried pasta with different types of sauce and ingredients.

J2Kfm said...

sun yin loong .... related to the ipoh old town one?

bacons go well with anything. rice, noodles, toast ....

Vivi said...

Kepong Menjarala 也有一挡是买炒spagetti的,也是很好吃! ^^

worldwindows said...

Bacon and eggs for breakfast...mmm I would love to have some of the bacon oil sprinkled on to the spaghetti!

mimid3vils said...

I like fried spaghetti like this too ;)

十六夜真人 said...


ling239 said...

Akira 思胜 :

Sam's mistress :
maybe u can try tat at home too ~ ^_^

ekeng :
u should know this place right ? ^_^

Jason Wong :
near the Pak Li and Pappa Kopitiam corner at Kota Damansara... ^_^

J2Kfm :
so they claimed, just like many others... :p

Vivi :
真的啊...在那里? ^_^

worldwindows :
hahahaaaa... i am sure that will taste really good! ^_^

mimid3vils :
give me five ! ^_^

十六夜真人 :

Nic (KHKL) said...

yeah, nowadays got lotsa foodcourt selling western food with spaghetti as side dish. i like the one stir-fried with black pepper sauce! hmmm, somewhere in bandar manjalara but forgot where d..hehe

kampungboycitygal said...

n the coffee tastes exactly like the SYL at ipoh!

ling239 said...

Nic (KHKL) :
erm nice food that u like also can forget meh ? >.<"

kampungboycitygal :
u know this place too ?
it is always packed on weekends ~ ^_^

ekeng said...

but this kedai kopi got happy hour one. from 11am till 2pm..hahahaha :)

ling239 said...

ekeng :
really... what will be on promotion ? ^_^