Thursday, December 18, 2008

Sweet Chat @ Mid Valley Megamall

下午茶 @ Mid Valley Megamall 的 Sweet Chat ~
Tea time @ Sweet Chat, Mid Valley Megamall ~


豆浆汤圆 (RM5):
可以选黑芝蔴或是花生馅的 或是每种两粒
Tong Yuen in Soy Milk (RM5):
Four tong yuen served in wholesome soy milk - perfect for soy bean milk lovers
Tong yuen come with a choice of black sesame or peanut filling or two of each
we ordered the black sesame tong yuen...
glad that the soy milk is not too sweet

摩摩喳喳 (RM5.90):
Bubur Cha-Cha (RM5.90):
consists of sweet potatoes and yam cubes in a thick coconut milk
there are also sago and tapioca cubes...
so pretty looking and delicious too

一人份的下午茶 (RM9.90):
包括烤饼, 金枪鱼多士, 鸡肉多士, 和一份热糖水或一份热的饮料
Tea Time Set for One (RM9.90):
serve from 3pm - 6pm daily
comes with one scone, one tuna toast, one chicken toast, and one sweet endings hot or one quenchers hot

Sweet Potato Soup:
Sweet potatoes in a clear soup accented with ginger for an added zing - a combination of warm, comfort food with a sweet burst of spice
portion is smaller than the regular ones
the sweet potato cubes melt in the mouth while the ginger taste in the sweet soup is not overpowering...

烤饼, 金枪鱼和鸡肉多士:
The scone, tuna toast and chicken toast:
mini portions good for a light afternoon tea... Photobucket
the scone is served warm with fresh cream and strawberry jam
both the tuna and chicken mayo are flavoursome

烤乳酪通心粉 (RM10.90):
乳酪也烤得很漂亮没烧焦哦 ~
Baked Mac 'N' Cheese (RM10.90):
Macaroni dotted with chicken bologna and vegetables, topped with cheese and baked to perfection
ingredients are generous
and the cheese is baked to perfection with no burnt mark found...

榴槤泡芙 (RM6.90):
我还是比较喜欢 Lee Lee’s Sumptuous Desserts 的榴槤泡芙 Photobucket
Durian Pancake (RM6.90):
Hailed as one of the finest in its league, this dellicate pillow of pleasure consists of pure, fresh durian and cream snugly wrapped in a light pancake skin. The burst of flavour and aroma of just one bite will send you straight to cloud nine
and so they claimed...
but we find the pancake skin is pretty tough and water marks are visible at the bottom half of the pancake
the skin is not as soft & delicate as those found at Lee Lee’s Sumptuous Desserts

属于 The Chicken Rice Shop 集团的...
Business card:
din know that they are part of The Chicken Rice Shop group...


-kent- f0 粉肠 said...

omg...soya bean with rice ball...sommore with sesame filings...tak boleh tahan la!!!

really can have great evening tea here :)

阿佩 said...


Akira 思胜 said...


Nic (KHKL) said...

for a halal hong kong tong sui stall, the food here is quite alright. and can watch ppl walking around oso... hehehe...

Precious Pea said...

The tong sui looks good especially the colourful buburchacha.

squall said...

i like rice ball...

Fatty Jean said...

冬至要到了哦! 要找汤圆吃了

mimid3vils said...

That bubur chacha have a lot of ingredients !!!

backStreetGluttons said...

with such a Big Chicken behind it , surely it will soon become a sweeter chat ! btw did you chat about him, me ,us and we ornot ?

CRIZ LAI said...

The desserts looked good but I think I prefer to be Garfield to savor up all the cheesy rich lasagna. It's a surprise to me that this shop is related to Chicken Rice Shop. I just can't get rid of my bad experience having my rice there.

worldwindows said...

Winter Solstice is round the corner with lots Tong Yuen. Looks really good for tea. I love to have the scones with cream and strawberry jam.

ai wei said...

sounds like a great place for tea. hehehe, have yet to try. but definately a great place to drop by. thanks

Sam's mistress said...




best posting on your blog EVER!!!!!

I'd totally love to go there! Looks so sweet and good! You had me at the soymilk!

Hey, you've inspired me, and I've made a new restaurant post in your honor. Come see!
VERY Merry Christmas!
XO Sammy and Christine

Vincent Cho said...


ling239 said...

-kent- f0 粉肠 :
will go back for more ~ ^_^

阿佩 :

Akira 思胜 :

Nic (KHKL) :
right... while being watched too :p

Precious Pea :
with lots of ingredients!! ^_^

squall :
me too... ^_^

Fatty Jean :
年尾没放假么? :P

mimid3vils :
yes, it is ^_^

backStreetGluttons :
hahahaaaaa... chat abt everything sweet ~ ^_^

i had bad experience at the Chicken Rice Shop too, but surprisingly food served here and the service are good!! ^_^

worldwindows :
the afternoon tea set is really worth it...^_^

ai wei :
hope u like it too ~ ^_^

Sam's mistress :
i am touched...
thanks so much!!
Merry Christmas to u too ~ ^_^

Vincent :

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