Sunday, May 4, 2008

XO Durian @ Bread Story

今天又去买面包时意外发现了这个 XO 榴槤面包
A bakery i often visit...
they had beard of many flavours
i used to love their mochi bun very much however i dun seem to find them any more...
today i dropped by for some bread and discovered this yummy XO Durian bun

XO 榴槤面包 (RM2.80):
XO Durian (RM2.80):

Thorny outlook with coconut pulps:
some has got more thorns than the others...

而不是榴槤口味的鲜奶油 Photobucket
面包是松软的里面的榴槤馅也不少... 很好吃哦
The inside:
so much durian...
and not durian flavour fresh cream
the bun is soft while the durian filling is generous... delicious ~

the other half...
also full of fillings Photobucket

Contacts of the outlets:


Sugar Bean said...

Have yet to try this bread out. Yeah, we like their bread too. Always buy their loaf of wheat bread, very nice and original.

^柠檬茶走糖^ said...

seen like very tasty .. i will try it out one day

kent said...

durian durian...arsh..

i like their bread as wellz, how about the mochi bun??


"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

yes i remember this..hav to eat outside the inside the office n it stinks up the whole room..

Precious Pea said...

INTERESTING!!!!!! Will try it out soon! But wonder why they call it as XO?

squall said...

oh durian...then where are the XO???

Nic (KHKL) said...

i've not tried this bread cos i dun take durian..hehe

but i like their ham+cheese loaf! really solid! :)

mimi said...

another alternative if i miss durian puff coz bread story have more branches :P

ling239 said...

Sugar Bean :
i used to like the ham and cheese bread, but now prefer the red bean loaf ^_^

^柠檬茶走糖^ :
hope u will like it too ~ ^_^

kent :
i think they no longer make the mochi bun... it was really good

"Joe" who is constantly craving :
hahahaaa... yalor :p

Precious Pea :
just a name gua, no XO in there leh....

squall :
erm... have to ask the chef d... :p

Nic :
do try out the red bean loaf, very good too ~ ^_^

mimi :
yes, they are every where... ^_^

鲁比 said...


Somewhere in Singapore said...

Hello, dropping by to visit your blog... :)

Big Boys Oven said...

I think Big Story standard had drop so much lately due to lack of consistancy! hehehe I still prefer durian puff!!! those yellow babies! they are so awesome!

ling239 said...

鲁比 :
希望你也会喜欢 ~ ^_^

Somewhere in Singapore :
welcome... tks for ur support ^_^

Big Boys Oven :
well, this is really good ~ go try !